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Submitting a Resignation

The Resignation: Best Practices for Your Career

When resigning, be sure that you’re doing so on a high note. There are certain things you can do to ensure a smooth exit. The executive recruiters at Graphic Search Associates suggest the following tips:

  • Thank your associates for their help in moving your career forward.

  • When discussing your resignation with fellow employees, keep your conversation short and to the point. The more you talk, the more questions you will be asked.

In most instances your resignation will catch your supervisor off-guard. It is not necessary to disclose where you are going. However, if you do, be prepared for negative opinions about your new firm. If you feel you are going to put yourself in a hostile atmosphere, it might be best to resign at the end of the day so you are on your time and in control of your own schedule.

Oral Resignation

An oral resignation may put you in a compromising position since you will feel an obligation to answer questions. Choose your words carefully! This is a very emotional moment and you may regret some of the things you might say - particularly if you feel the person you are talking to is a "friend."

Written Resignation

Keep it simple and to the point. Forget the negatives and keep it as upbeat as possible. This will most likely go in your personnel file, and you may find yourself one day interviewing at the very same company. Following is an example:

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me at (Company). I have accepted an offer from another company and am tendering my resignation. This decision had nothing to do with my current opportunity, and I appreciate all the support I have received. I wish (Company) continued success and want to thank you for allowing me to be part of the team. Please let me know what I can do to make this a smooth transition.

Finally, it is a professional courtesy to give two to three weeks' notice. However, it is better for you to leave sooner rather than later so you don't have to deal with the frustrations and pressures created by your leaving.

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